Bayesian evaluation for the likelihood of Christ's resurrection (Part 29)

So, let us summarized these non-Christian accounts of a resurrection. For each supposedly "resurrected" person, the following table shows the level of evidence associated with their resurrection account, expressed as a fraction of the evidence we have for Christ's resurrection:

Name of the person The level of evidence
Apollonius of Tyana 1/30th
Zalmoxis 1/60th
Aristeas 1/24th
Mithra 0
Osiris 1/60th
Dionysus 1/60th
Krishna 1/24th
Bodhidharma 1/60th
Puhua 1/60th

Here's how this looks like in a histogram:

What does all this tell us? Quite a bit - we'll discuss that starting next week.

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