How to make a fractal


  1. Good fun! Would be nice to have links to more info, eg where you say "... or it becomes clear that it doesn't go anywhere". Otherwise, a pretty concise and comprehensible explanation, which I'll not feel awkward sharing with non-mathematicians (all it takes is basic understanding of a Cartesian plane).

    1. Thanks! There are bunch of more things I'd like to add, like the links you mentioned, but like with any program you have to eventually say "okay, this is done", and publish.

  2. FANTASTIC job, NaClhv! Great visualization of the process. Thx for sharing. You have a new fan:) Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    You wrote: "okay, this is done"
    Another similar expression is, "An artist's work is never done, just abandoned!":)

    But, if you get reinspired, visualizing the process of orbits would be way cool!

    OK, keep the great work!...

  3. Haha - thank you!

    You're right that an artist's work is never done! I do suppose that I can come back to this - there are certainly a number of improvements that can be made. I'll just have to toss it on the long list of things that would be cool to do for the site!

  4. Why is the center always black

  5. Good job! Just the only thing that you should add is forever zooming in, removing the zoom button so that you just zoom.